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We’ve been in the cerakoting business since 2014. We’re a couple of guys who happen to be passionate about guns and got lucky enough to make a business out of those passions.  We love what we do and the industry we serve.

Camos and Colors

From single color to full camo’s we can do it all. We offer a variety of styles and patterns to choose from including Battleworn, Riptile, Digicam, Multicam, Geocam, and Kryptek. We also keep a large variety of colors in stock and can order additional colors by request.

Custom Themes

Do you have a dream gun you’ve always wanted to make a reality? We pride ourselves in working with clients to do just that. Fill out the custom quote form at the bottom of the page to get a conversation started.

OEM and Bulk Pricing

We work with many manufactures in a handful of industries to fulfil high volume needs. We’re ready to take on your bulk projects and can provide custom competitive pricing to earn your business. Fill out the custom quote form to get the process started.

Pricing Plans

This is our general pricing outline. For anything not included on the list, please request a custom quote. 


Request Custom Quote


Please Use the form below to describe your project and request a custom quote


what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials 

JD is so great!! I felt like I was giving my guns to my neighbor for improvements 🙂 Very talented artist, and very easy to work with. (From states away!) JD worked with me on my husband’s Christmas gift, (which he has not received yet) but my kids agree with me, it will most definitely leave him speechless, or maybe even bring him to tears. Beautiful craftsmanship.

Joni Embree-Meinders

JD of Koted Arms is a consummate professional. The overall customer experience and quality of work were exceptional. My project was completed in only 5 days. Their pricing was also lower than any of their “competitors” quotes. I will definitely be using their services in the future, and highly recommend Koted Arms to anyone looking for top notch Cerakot’ing!

Joseph Michna

All the employs are real gun people. You can start with their online gallery, then let your imagination go wild. I took a simple Ruger Charger and they made it something special. I dropped off my second gun today for a complete make over.

Steven A. Tucker

frequently asked questions

What is your turn around time?

Right now we’re averaging 4-6 weeks for most projects. It may be longer depending on the complexity of the project. Feel free to ask for a more accurate time.

What is your pricing?

Pricing varies by type of gun, job complexity, and time required for completion. Check out our pricing page or submit a quote request for a more specific answer.

Can I ship my gun to you?

Yes you can. What we do is classified as “gunsmithing” and as such does not require a FFL to ship. You can ship your gun directly here and we’ll ship it directly back. Download shipping directions and order form here “Click here for download.

Can you Cerakote things other than metal?

While cerakote is amazing on metals it can also be applied to anything except for soft plastics and rubber. Harder plastics including polymer frames and wood are no problem for Cerakote.

Why use Cerakote?

Cerakote is the leading coating for firearms, automotive, and thin film industries. It excels above the rest in wear resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and self lubrication properties. New industries are discovering uses for it daily.  It can adhere to any metal or hard plastic substrate. 

Do you have a Dealer program?

Yes we do! We appreciate all dealer business and feel like you should be paid for your efforts.

Do you offer OEM/Bulk pricing?

Yes we do. OEM/Bulk order pricing and lead times are significantly different so please request a custom quote for more information.

How long does Cerakote last?

That’s a loaded question and it completely depends on how it’s used/stored. Cerakote is the toughest/longest lasting spray on coating out there but it’s not invicible. Things like holstering your gun in holster full of sand will be sure to scratch it or any coating. With that said like most things if you take care of it, it will last for years on end. Want more details check out our “Why Cerakote?” question.